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…how to shape the next phase of Nigeria


The best response to bad leadership and a manipulative system is an intentional investment in the next generation of leaders.

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The result of the elections is out. Someone is celebrating while someone is not happy with the result and the system. Yes! You may not have the power to change the outcome or make it look the way you desire but YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR RESPONSE TO THE WHOLE NARRATIVE GOING.


2019 elections have affirmed to me again that Students and youth remain strategic in leading the desired transformation. To ignore them or not care about investing in them is to ignore the transformation of our nation.


The total number of votes cast for all political parties is about 27million while the total number of students who registered as captured in the last election is over 20million. It means a right investment into this generation of students and youth is an investment not only in shaping the political landscape but in shaping our nation.


Charles Malik, former Secretary General of the United Nations once said: “Universities directly or indirectly dominate the world. Their influence is so pervasive and total, that WHATEVER PROBLEM AFFLICTS THEM IS BOUND TO HAVE FAR-REACHING REPERCUSSIONS.”


This affirmed that what you see happening today in the church, society and even in the just concluded election was shaped yesterday on the campus. The key players in the politics of our nations were key players in the politics of their campuses yesterday.


Bad leaders and corrupt politician use the youth and students today to achieve their aim and in the process disciple them to take after them. They do this because they have come to discover that College students and youth are idealistic, energetic, active, creative, innovative, available and ready to take great risk for whatever they believe.


This is why the ballot snatchers, political thugs, foot soldiers, campaigners, agents, poling unit officers, ad-hoc staff of INEC and several other key players were young people.


The narrative will continue until godly people arise and intentionally get involved in shaping youth and student on our campuses by giving them the right values our nation will keep moving in the same direction.


As we think the next phase for Nigeria, I invite to join hand with me in shaping the future in our hands by helping just one student know Jesus Christ, be with him and become like him as they live for the glory of God and the good of humanity.


You can pray. You can give. You can come on as a resource person or mentor to student. Here is the future in your hands!


I leave you with these words from Prof. Funmi Para-Mallam “Investing in young people, especially those exposed to education constitutes a temporal and eternal investment in the destiny of individuals, families & the nation.”


Hankuri Tawus Gaya

Area Director, NIFES




27th February 2019

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