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… path way to discovering, developing and deploying your uniqueness

It is not entering the New Year that matters but the new contribution God will bring to the world through you for his glory and the good of humanity. To bring new things that are eternal you need to discover, develop and deploy your uniqueness which God’s unique gift to you for the world.

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Dear friend I know you are passionate about making a difference and maximizing the New Year. Your passion has informed some of the steps you have taken in the last few days and hours in preparation for the New Year. Great steps indeed. But let me remind you, the cross over night is over. The prayers are over. The goals are written down. The new resolutions have been made and the long awaited New Year is right before you. What becomes of you and the impact you make this year is a function of the things you prioritize.

Here are nine things worth prioritizing in this New Year as we step out today to live out the life God has called us to live. Here we go:

  • PRIORITIZE YOUR MAKER: As you begin the journey in this New Year begin with God and make Him a central part of all that you do. God is your creator. He is your source. He knows who you are even before you were born. He has a good plan for you and without Him you can do nothing. He knows the end from the beginning. He is already at work in the world. You prioritize your maker by loving him with all your heart, soul and might. Living in reverence of him, studying and obeying his word daily shows you prioritize him. Communing with Him through prayers, telling others about him and taking care of creation are also ways you prioritize God. In this New Year DON’T USE GOD BUT LET GOD USE YOU BY MAKING HIM THE NUMBER ONE IN YOUR LIFE and as you prioritize your maker he makes you the best you that he has created. Let’s together make God our priority this year!
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR MAKE: God gave you something unique for the world. Your make- you design or the way he framed you is the greatest give he gave to the world. This makes you special and a key contributor in the world. But over The years many people don’t seem to appreciate who they are or who God has made them. In 2019 accept who you are; celebrate your uniqueness and use it to contribute to the world. You are not a copy but an original. Your make is the cutting edge and distinctive advantage that God has blessed you with as you live in the world Prioritize. Let’s together accept, appreciate and celebrate out make-uniqueness this year
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR MISSION: Your make gives you a mission. Your mission in the world is your God-given purpose. God original intentional for creating you and sending you to the world. Your mission precede your arrival to this world. Your mission is the solution to the problems in the world that God has put in you. Therefore, if you don’t fulfil it you would have deprive the world of God given solutions. In this New Year, I invite you to prioritize your God given mission. Don’t just do things but like Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:26 “So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing”.
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR MINISTRY: Ministry is the channel through which you deploy or carry out your God-given mission and your ministerial calling as a pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist or Apostle. It may be a business platform. A teaching job, administration, missionary work, music, Civil service, military, force, farming, an employee in an organization, information and communication Technology, being a student, pastoring, serving as a corps member, giving to missions or charity etc.  As long as it is a legitimate platform that is your ministry platform. A place God has placed you at the moment to serve his purpose. In this New Year prioritize the ministry God has entrusted to your hands. Let us together do the work they Lord has given us to do!
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR MAKING AND MENTORING: Knowing your make and mission create room for growth and also contribution in the life of others. You are created and design to grow. In this New Year invest time in developing the person that God has created you to be. Invest time in reading the great book that transforms- the Bible. Then read great and good books. Attend conference and seminar. Connect with a mentor or mentor others. Invest time in growing and developing your God given potential. Look for problems that will challenge you to grow. Until you make growth an essential part of your life, you will never arrive at God’s destination or make eternal contributions. Let’s together make growth an intentional part of our life journey.
  • PRIORITIZE MODELLING: One example is said to be more than a million talks. What you do speak more than what you say. The world we live in today is tired of our noise about Jesus and his power they want to see Jesus. Be an example in your world in this New Year. Be a channel through which people will see God’s goodness. You are God’s masterpiece created a new in Christ Jesus to do good works. Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Be a model of good works to the people around. Be like Jesus who when about doing good. Prioritize modelling right living in this New Year. Let’s be models to a world in need!
  • PRIORITIZE MARRIAGE AND FAMILY:  Your biological family is the channel God used to bring you to this world. He decided it and you had no role over it. Your spiritual family is the family God prepared and you have chosen for your nurturing and fellowship as you live on earth. Your marriage is the channel God has given to you or will give to you for companionship and procreation- bringing others to the world. In this New Year I invite you to give attention to your family. If your parents are still alive care for them by meeting their need and creating time to visit them. If God has blessed you with children give attention to training them in the way of the Lord and also care intentionally for your spouse. If you are not yet married live right today and also make sure you lay the right foundation for a godly family. Let’s prioritize marriage and family this year!
  • PRIORITIZE MONEY THROUGH PROBLEM SOLVING:  It is not bad to look for money. It is God who gives the power to make wealth. In this New Year prioritize looking for money through problem solving. The more problem you solve the more money you are going to have. Our world today have many problem and this also means many opportunities for making money. In 2019 don’t go for short cut as you seek to make money. Discover problems around, develop solutions for the problem, deploy the solution and be sure to make money the right. But remember this comes through hard work. Let’s prioritize money making through problem solving!
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR MANDATE IN POLITICS: Your mandate in this context is your vote. We are right into the year of election in Nigeria. If you are of age and have registered God has entrusted you with a mandate to choose the right leaders for Nigeria. Don’t just be a spectator in the entire process of electing leaders! Don’t just wait to vote on the Election Day be part of the process before during and after! Choosing leaders is part of our responsibility as Christians. Prioritize your mandate. Make your one vote a deciding vote. Let’s prioritize our mandate in this New Year.

The world is yet to see the amazing things that God is set to do with your life as prioritize your maker, make, mission, ministry, making and mentoring, modelling, money making through problem solving and mandate in politics in 2019 and together we will make the world the Kingdom of our God. Happy New Year

Hankuri Tawus Gaya





1st January, 2019

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