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I LOST EVERYTHING … an appeal for help from Kano

In times of pain and lost God speaks to his children often through the generosity of his people. A gift from you may answer a question or a prayer to God by a person who have lost valuables….


What will you tell a four-year-old child who came out of a house gutted by fire bare-footed as a father when he said to you. “daddy, our mates are laughing at us in school because we don’t have school uniform.”?

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This is a question posted to my missionary colleague Oscar the Staff worker of Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Student (NIFES) providing leadership to our work in Kano and Jigawa States.


Narrating what happened on 19th February, 2019 in Sabon Gari Kano that let to question from his boy he said ‘It was Fire incidence that started from my neighbor’s flat and escalated burning down five Flats including mine. I LOST EVERYTHING. THE ONLY THING I HAD WAS WHAT I WORE. All my credentials, books worth hundreds of thousands and everything. My family came out of the flat bare-footed because it was discovered too late to pick anything.” Speaking further on the other families he said ‘Yes sir five Flats burnt all together. Four families lost everything. The fifth family it was only one their bedrooms that burnt.”


Sharing about the experience on his Facebook timeline on 20th February, 2019 one day after Oscar wrote

“Anything that can be converted into ashes is not reliable! IF MY HOPE WAS BUILT ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN CHRIST, I WOULD HAVE HAD A GREAT FALL! I would have been crushed beyond words. In a twinkling of an eye, all you have labored to acquire is consumed by fire. Even your family missed death by the whiskers! They call you from office only to come and see crowd, smoke and ashes. Thank God it was not at midnight when we were snoring!  Beloved reader, put your hope on what cannot be burnt to ashes (Christ) while you thank God for the gift of these burnable stuffs so that peradventure they go like mine, we can join the Biblical Job in saying, “The Lord giveth and taketh.”

On 21st February, 2019 he shared: MY LIBRARY! The part of my house where I spend most of my time.  Not too big but very rich with carefully selected study materials acquired through buying and gifts from well-wishers like Dr. F.A. Two days past, still burning and emitting smoke. All my credentials in their originals. I SHED BITTER TEARS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THIS INCIDENT HAPPENED AS I WRITE THESE LINES! It shall end in praise! I Call you FAITHFUL LORD!”

Beloved Oscar is finding strengthen in his faith in Christ but he is traumatized and in great need as a family man. You can change the story of Oscar’s son and his family or one of the families in the flat by sharing generously what God has entrusted to you care.

Oscar and his family need a new apartment to stay in Sabon Gari kano. To get a decent apartment in the given location they need N250- 300k. Be part of resettling this couple and one of the families in Kano.

We need Clothes (For Oscar, His Wife and 4 children of 9, 8 (twins) and four years), beds, household utensils, kitchen utensil, books for the children and Oscar Library. You can also give any other thing that you know will be useful for a couple.

A gift of N1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k or any amount will also enable them meet this need.

To give for this Project send support to NIFES 0034218496 Union Bank Kano. This is the account detail of NIFES in Kano. Kindly indicate JOSCare to enable tracking of the funds (to enable us appreciate you kindly send me sms stating your gift). If you wan to give clothes, books or any other item that is not cash kindly reach out to me on +2348039732643 to connect you with someone near that you can pass on the items to across Nigeria.

This is JOS(JustOneSoul) Care a NIFES Social response Initiative providing wholistic care to people in need. NIFES Social response is an arm of the NIFES Department of Missions and Evangelism at the National Headquarters, Jos

I leave you with these words from Mc Kenzie:

“O Father, may it never be said of us that having come to an open door, we closed it; having come to a lighted candle, we quenched it; HAVING HEARD THE VOICE OF A NEIGHBOR BEGGING BREAD, WE MADE DENIAL, SPEAKING OF OUR OWN CASE.”


Hankuri Tawus Gaya






22nd February, 2019

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