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…8 Stories of impact from NIFES Virtual Ministry Training!


Eagles are best wired to reach eagles, chicken best positioned to reach chickens and Lions are designed to reach lions. Likewise, young people are the best people to reach out to young people and students to best to reach out to students. Our responsibility is to empower them to engage their world.

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As I partner with Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), your deepest desire will be to see us reach out to more students relevantly.

In the light of the above and pursuit of the NIFES Strategic Plan that seeks to position NIFES as a relevant movement to the Student world we set out to empower students to reach out to fellow students in the virtual or digital world.

We did a VIRTUAL MINISTRY TRAINING with the theme: Virtual World: Opportunities and Challenges for on 20, 21, 22 and 27 February, 2019.  167 Students and key leaders participated in the online training.

Sessions on Understanding NIFES Virtual Ministry; Virtual World: Opportunities for Christian youth; Leveraging on technology for economic empowerment and Building Online Communities for evangelism and discipleship were topics handled by Mr. Hankuri Tawus Gaya, Area Director, Keffi Area; Mr. David Ogunshola, IT Expert at DaveShoope Web Masters Uyo; Mr. Adedoyin Adedeji, IT Expert ClickEdge Technology, Lagos and Pst. Yomi Adeyinka, Missionary and IT Expert with Great Commission Movement of Nigeria (GCMN), Zari respectively. The facilitators used voice notes, short films, interactive questions and discussions for the training.

Here are eight stories of impact from the Virtual Ministry Training

“I learnt that NIFES virtual ministry is biblical. THE SOCIAL MEDIA IS A MISSION FIELD and we can reach out to more students online. Student are the target and drivers of the NIFES virtual ministry,” Ifeanyi V. Nasarawa

“Before now I do think that SOCIAL MEDIA IS A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE JUST COME, say whatever they like, post whatever they like and receive comments. I also thought it was the first place to get corrupt, BUT NOW I’VE DISCOVERED THAT IT IS A PLACE WHERE WE CAN REACH THE WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL and save a soul from going to hell.” Glory Paul, Makurdi

“Thank God for this new move in NIFES. I just wish EVERYONE WILL BE PART OF THIS, LIKE EVERYONE, WHETHER YOUNG OR OLD.  Many people have used “spirituality” to cover up excellence and knowing how things work. To some people, the social media is “worldly”, so they prefer to still use the old rugged means of “morning cry” and the others, which is not bad, but the world is really changing fast and we are to take advantage of it.  I got this; WE SHOULDN’T BE BACK BENCHERS. God bless you Sir.”  Favour J. Nasarawa, Abuja

“This training really impact knowledge to me. I thought social media is a platform to catch fun, you chat, share pictures etc. but with this training I come to discover that, IT’S ALSO A PLACE OF IMPACTING FRIENDS with good morals and values for the glory of God”.  Emmanuel, Makurdi

“I was sitting IN A DARK CORNER OF THIS VIRTUAL ROOM… Needed to say; it’s been a fruitful & impactful session. Msugh kpishi! (Thanks a lot, in Tiv language)”. Okuta D. Makurdi

“Thank you so much for impacting me. I really learnt a lot from the whole teaching.  May God bless you for this. Yes! Now no shying away when they call you, computer generation…ha ha ha.. MENTALITY HAS CHANGED. INCLINATION TO THE INTERNET IS NOT CARNALITY ha ha…”  God be praised.” Onaji J. L. Makurdi

“I am greatly motivated! IT’S MORE OF AN EYE OPENER in the sense that I can actually champion my way to greatness using the right techniques in Technology by putting the necessary prowess into it as well as commitment.” Adams P. Nasarawa

“Wow! Technology when well understood… will lead to problem solving and   good work…this one strike me…GOOD WORK IS MORE WORK AND MORE RESPONSIBILITY which makes one valuable and sought after at all seasons and many spheres of life.” Igwe Kelechi, Lafia

Beloved, your partnership with NIFES made this possible. Thank you for giving to the Lord.

May I invite you to consider giving to enable us reach out to more students in the month of march 2019. To give send donations to NIFES 0040627084 Diamond Bank.

Thank you for investing in shaping just one student


Hankuri Tawus Gaya

Area Director, NIFES Keffi Area




1st March, 2019

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