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Nothing excites in life like seeing God work through your feeble efforts enabled by His grace to redirect, reassure and rekindle a passion for God in just one soul


Your prayers, partnership and presence made the weekend of 2nd– 3rd March, 2019 a fruitful one.

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We started the process of our family thanksgiving to mark my 40th birthday, 11th work anniversary and 10th wedding anniversary with what we call MENTORING CONNECT. It was a platform we created to help just one soul ignite a passion for God.


59 youth and student participated in the Mentoring Connect for youth and Students where we shared with them on the issue of Purpose, Priority and Pursuit. Pst. Ayodele Samuel, My Faith and I had time to share with the youth.


Lisa one of the participants have this to say at the end of the meeting “I am Lisa D. and I was part of the mentoring connect meeting with Uncle Hankuri Tawus Gaya. I learnt that I was created in a special way. I have a purpose to fulfil. I cannot do everything BUT I CAN DO WHAT I WAS CREATED FOR AND BE THE BEST AT IT. I also learnt that God must be a priority in my life and I can do this by studying and living the word. It was also great to discover that God’s best for me does not have an end”.


And for Mafeng M “I learnt to put God first in everything I do.” This happened because you partnered with me in this journey.


In the afternoon of same day, we had a MENTORING CONNECT session for Couples with 37 persons in attendance. Prof and Mrs. Godwin Imade shared on the Priority of Christian couples. It was also a life transforming moment for the families. THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD.


Yesterday 3rd of March, 2019 we rounded up the events with the dedication of our daughter, family thanksgiving and dedication and Public Presentation of the 7 books. 5 of the books are published online and we have two in print. You can rich me to order your copy or get it from the www.hankuritawusgaya.com.


My family and I appreciate you greatly for your partnership with us shaping just one student. Once again thank you.


Hankuri Tawus Gaya




4th March, 2019

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