Hankuri Tawus Gaya


…celebrating 40 years of grace and God’s faithfulness


You deprive the world of great treasure of you fail to document and/or share the great life experience entrusted to you by God. As for me I have decided to document and share where necessary my pilgrimage story to enable just one fellow traveler in life journey.


So, It’s my birthday.  I turned 40 years today! I know to someone I am a small boy. To another I am an old man while to another I am still growing. To my parents I am still that small child that cried that morning when I was born.  All of them are correct from different perspective but as for me I have lived 40 years of the years given to me by God.


Today as I looked at the Past 40 years, I say thank you Lord and as I look forward to the next 40 years I say like Paul: “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” Acts 20:24 NLT


AT 40

I appreciate God for the gift of life. I appreciate my parents for giving me the opportunity to live. I appreciate my siblings for accepting me and shaping me. I appreciate my teachers, my community, my pastors, friends at different stages in life. Student leaders on campus and You whom God has used to bless me in this my short time of pilgrimage.


AT 40

I have got one passion. To be with the Lord; I have got one passion to be like the Lord;

I have got one passion to the person that God has created me to be. I have got one passion to help just one soul become the person that you have created them to be as I become daily the person you have created me to be.


AT 40

One thing I ask of the Lord today is Lord help me be daily the unique me that you have created. I want to be like Jesus Christ to I can be the me that you have created. I want to be like Jesus Christ, so I can shine forth the light you have packaged in me for the world.

Lord, It just one life. Don’t let me waste this life. It is just one life! Lord help me invest this one life. Help me Lord live this one life to the fulness. Help Lord live this just one life for your honor and glory.


AT 40

As Long as I live, I will Praise Your name. As long as I live, I will worship You God. You rescued me, from death to life. You translated me, from darkness to light

As long as I live, I will worship You oh God. You bottled my tears; You did it, day by day. You forgave my sins; You made a saint. As Long as I live, I will worship You God.



To mark my 40th Birthday I am releasing seven (7) books.

  1. PERSECUTION TO PROMOTING CHRIST-LIKENESS- my journey to pursuing just one student
  2. YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR CAMPUS……discover how to think, live and lead creative change on campus
  3. BUILDING CHRISTIN LEADERS ON CAMPUS… a collective responsibility
  4. YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD. … a Hand book to help you quit Addiction, break bad habits and Become God’s dream Person
  5. PASSAGE TO PRACTICE…a practical guide for studying and applying the Bible relevantly
  6. PRAYING THE BIBLE WAY…Reflections on Christ Centred Prayers
  7. FOLLOWERSHIP…a sure way to leadership.

The first book is my life Story in respect to persecution and how God has worked through persecution in Secondary School, higher institution and at home to shape and prepare me for ministry to students.


Books 3-7 will be available from today at promotional prize on Okada Books and Amazon. I invite you to get a copy.


On Sunday 3rd March, the books will be dedicated and presented to the Public at COCIN LCC Gura-Landoh, Bukuru Express, Jos by 1pm. Come join me release these great resources for the shaping of just one student.


You can also visit my website www.hankuritawusgaya.com  to read more of my story and see the amazing things God has done, is doing and will yet do.


You remain one person I appreciate God for always.


Today, Pray that God will help me daily become like Jesus Christ and help just one soul daily to know the Lord and make him known anywhere, anytime, under any condition using relevant media.


Hankuri Tawus Gaya






23rd February, 2019

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