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…celebrating your generosity, calling for more in shaping just one student


Looking back help you see the amazing God has done through the generous act of his children and gives us hope to trust him to do more through his children.

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My dear friend and partner in the gospel, I have come to discover in life that if you don’t create time to look back you won’t see how far you have come and what God has done through the great persons, he has given to you as friends and partners.


So, I decided again to look back at the great things God did through your partnership with him through my work in Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES). Here are a few summaries of what your generosity did from 1st– 30th April 2019:


Beside my regular involvement with the NIFES Fellowship in Nasarawa State University, Keffi I was involved in a New Student Outreached tagged “FRESHERS WEEK” THAT SAW TO OVER 150 NEW STUDENTS JOINING the NIFES Fellowship in the University. We are joining them today for their matriculation. This happened because you gave, thank you!


In my desire to see that students are equip with basic skills for creativity and innovation I taught 7 students, members of the NIFES Media and Publicity unit of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi HOW TO PRODUCE AN ENHANCE NOTE USING ANCHARA AND OTHER LOCAL ACCESSORIES. Today, the produce and sale the product on campus making at least 300-500 naira on one. This happened because you gave, thank you!


Did Bible exposition at the EASTER DISCIPLESHIP CONFERENCE with the theme “Godliness: A sure path to greatness” WHERE WE HAD 608 STUDENTS ATTENDING ACROSS the Area in five different location.


I was also part of TRAINING OVER 15 PERSONS AT THE Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) Abuja Area governance training a programme designed to train persons appointed to serve as Council Members. This happened because you gave, thank you!


Restarted a NIFES ASSOCIATES COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP (NACF) a NIFES Associates Connect forum with 7 persons in our first meeting in Keffi. NACF is a forum where graduates and persons who belief in the NIFES vision meet one in a month to share things that will sustain their walk with Christ in market place and ideas for mentoring students on campus. This happened because you gave, thank you!


I was part of training 203 CHURCH LEADERS IN JOS AND THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE OF NORTHERN NIGERIA (TCNN), BUKURU ON EXPOSITORY BIBLE PREACHING. This is anchored on the believe that God want his Church to grow; God’s church grows through the word of God and God’s word comes mostly through faithful, clear and relevant exposition of God’s word. This happened because you gave, thank you!

Together we also reached out to over 1100 youth through Bible exposition the Youth Missions Conference organized by Youth Mobilization for Christ under the leadership of Pst. Chris Micah with the theme “Here am I: send me”. I took three expositions from Isaiah 8; Matthew 25 and Acts 2. This happened because you gave, thank you!


I am also glad to let you know we finally secured a house and paid for it April 2019 where I will be resident as I get involved more in discipling students for the glory of God. This happened because you gave, thank you!


Here are two testimonies from the events in April 2019: “It was a remarkable experience that exposed me more to the principles of Biblical preaching, I have learned to dwell more on the text of the Bible while preaching.” Nathaniel E. Mbonna A seminary student. Justine one of the students who attended the NIFES Easter Discipleship Conference shared “I thank God I came for this Conference, the teachings and principles laid out during the conference really changed my mindset about some certain things I do without knowing they were wrong.  My eyes were opened and I believe by God’s Grace, I don’t see myself doing those things anymore.”


Thank you for investing in shaping just one student.


In may I will be Kafanchan, Makurdi, Visit to IDP camps, Jos and Keffi by the grace of God. I look forward more of your generosity.


Pray Points

  • Pray that the fruits of this great partnership with be sustained by God.
  • Pray for great strength and freshness as we serve the Lord more.
  • Pray for God to provide the over N500,000 we need to meet our ministry budget for May 2019.
  • Pray for God to provide a good car to facilitate effective ministry to students


To give kindly send investment to NIFES 0040627084 ACCESS BANK (diamond).


Hankuri Tawus Gaya

Area Director, NIFES Keffi Area




3rd April 2019

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