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An appeal to invest for shaping just one Student


“Investing in young people, especially those exposed to education constitutes a temporal and ETERNAL INVESTMENT IN THE DESTINY OF INDIVIDUALS, families & the nation.”  Prof Funmi Para-Mallam.

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Student ministries provide the unique opportunity for this kind of investment. And today I share with you again how you can keep coming alongside as a partner with God in the work of transforming the world just one student at a time.


Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) where God has called me to serve with you as a copartner with Him is a faith based organization that depends on God’s provision through the generosity of people like you who seek to see just one student know the Lord, become like Him and make him known on campus and society.


As someone committed to seeing transformation in our nation and the world, kindly consider giving to this strategic work.


Here are ways you can invest God’s money in your hands for shaping just one student:

  • You can make a onetime investment of any amount.
  • You can sign up to make monthly investment of any amount.
  • You can sponsor a program on campus or a State wide event
  • You can sponsor a student to attend a training event
  • You can invest in paying the allowance of staff for a given time.
  • You can give a percentage of your income or profit
  • You can pay a student’s school fees or project cost and more


Today, I invite you to consider investing whatever the Lord whose resources you manage moves your heart to give for shaping just one student through my work in NIFES. An investment of N1k, N2k, N3k, N5k, N10k, N20k, N50k, N100K… will make a difference. Kindly send investment to NIFES 0040627084 ACCESS (Diamond).

Hankuri Tawus Gaya

Area Director, Keffi Area




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