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… one youth’s confession at Southern Kaduna BOOK Outreach!

In the midst of chaos, discouragement, hopelessness, trauma and feeling of inadequacy God has a way of igniting his children and sparking up a fire that will last for generation. He often does this through faithful vessels and books happen to be one of those vessels he has used from generation to generation.

God answered your Prayers. 29th September 2020 will remain a memorial in the life of 41 youth who attended the Southern Kaduna book Outreach at Throne Room Thrust Ministries, Kafanchan Kaduna hosted by Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) Keffi Area that you partnered with God to make happened.

As you are aware Southern Kaduna is a crisis ridden region and this reality has impacted the youth. When asked how they felt about the present state of the crisis and its impact on them here is what some of the participants said: “I feel pained.” “I am traumatized.” “I feel hopeless.” “I feel neglected by the Government.” “we are blamed for people killing us.” “we cannot talk that we are being killed.” “We feel helpless.” “the future look bleak.”  And more.

Moving from their responses we had 40 minutes of personal reading of the book “The Principles of Power of vision” by Myles Munroe. Move to a sharing session from Prof. Abbas I. Sodangi on the influence of book in his life. I did a sharing from Daniel 9:2 on how Daniel understood through books and acted. A review of the book the “Burden of Freedom.” Was done by Muyiwa Joseph.  Lengdung Tundchama shared how God transformed his life in time of crisis through reading apportion of the Bible to books and how he moved on to working with others to Start up Jenta Community Library and BookTroverts and the transformation it has brought to lives and the community. Ndelong, Job Baniang Shared on Africa and Books. How to start book clubs and Life stories on reading journeys and targets were shared. We had those of us who have so far read 80-100 plus books this year with some reading at least two books in a week. Mayat Christopher was capturing the stories in camera. God worked through these feeble stories to ignite a passion for reading and community transformation in the heart of the participants.

Eli S.J. one of the youths from Southern Kaduna had this to say after the Book Outreach

“Southern Kaduna Book outreach for me will be a major landmark for my journey into God’s assignment. I saw it was orchestrated by God, maybe even beyond what uncle Gaya had imagined. As at yesterday, there was a major discouragement that to me towards a vision I had to start up a reader’s hub in my campus. But today, life was given to that vision. Today a new zeal and passion for reading came upon me. When some individuals revealed the number of books they read just within this year. I realized I had been a village champion. But more, the zeal to make impact to my community was ignited.”

In addition to stories of impact in the lives of the participants we gave out 114 books to participants and 367 books as seed to start up book Clubs and community libraries at kachia, Kubacha, Zonkwo, Kafanchan and Manchok. Youth that came from the different communities agreed to start up reading clubs back home. We have also created a Virtual Club where the key leaders will be mentored on how to run book clubs effectively.

Special thanks to you who invested in this project. ACTS BookShop Jos; Emmaus Bible Centre Jos; Gideon and Funmi Para-Mallam Peace Foundation, Dunamis Gbubzu, Throne Room Thrust Ministries, Jenta Reads, BookTroverts and all who prayed for the success of this outreach.

Books are still needed to sustain the different book clubs across the region and to start up more reading centers.

Giving the gift of our book is giving a person a faithful and courageous friend that will keep on saying the truth no matter the circumstances.

Hankuri Tawus Gaya

Area Director and Strategic Plan Officer NIFES





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