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WRITING IS NOT ENOUGH!… good news on How To create a writer’s Brand.

Have you ever wondered why some books sells like wild fire while some books despite the great solution they have, never get to sell or get across to the right audience?

The simple answer is, writing is not enough!

You need a compelling brand to attract the very audience of your book or writing.

You see! I started writing intentionally as an undergraduate in 1999 and as of today, I have written and published 21 books, several articles published both in print and digital formats and lots of social media posts.

Yes! I have sold thousand copies of my books; raised millions for campus missions and also gotten opportunity to write and speak on many platforms.

Here is the point: All I had when I started writing was a desire to solve problems, capturing what God was showing me as I study the bible and books and to help people address basic life challenges in a manner that will help them become God’s dream people.

I believe then that when God gives you a message, all you need to do is write the message and it will get across to the people. Marketing, packaging, branding etc. were all seen as something that is not for Christian writers. My worldview was a big hindrance to me as a writer.

But as I read the scriptures, books, articles and interacted with writers around the world, I came to discover that it is not enough to write. Marketing, packaging, branding etc. were all spiritual and critical part of writing for any writer who sees himself as a steward.

I saw that it was not only spiritual to have a, marketing strategy and create unique brand for my writing but it was an innate part of God’s design of me. It was clear then for me that to ignore my uniqueness is to ignore the work of his hands. O yes! I made several mistakes in my writing journey in this regard but have also learned a lot.

Now to the main issue. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. I want you to get your message packaged in your book, post etc. across to the right persons through creating a compelling writer brand.

Join me, Jennifer Karina and Barine Kirime tomorrow 21st October, 2020 4:00pm WAT on Media Associate International (MAI) Africa Webinar as we share with you on CREATING A WRITER BRAND.

It is a free webinar. All you need to do to participate is to register for the event.

Click here to register: bit.ly/2SCH3VN

If God gives you a message for the world and you fail to become all you need to be and do all you are expected to do, to ensure it gets to the right person, then you are not a good steward.

See you at the webinar

Hankuri Tawus Gaya
#MAI Africa Webinar.

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