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Dear Phone,

Greetings from my soul to you. You are a product of my dream. Just as the dear pants for water in the desert, I longed for you and desired to have you in my life.

Your arrival to my life was an answered prayer. I rejoiced like a young man celebrates the day he gets an answer to his marriage proposal from the girl of his dream; like a bride celebrates on the day of her wedding.

person holding post-2014 iPhone

I could remember how carefully I opened the package that contained you. The sight of you alone gave me a kind of joy I can’t describe. You were uniquely designed and created to be a unique brand that comes with lots of promises.

When I started using you, you were so easy to use. The guide on the manual were helpful and the pointer in your body on what next to do made the usage easy. You were just so marvelous.

I thank God constantly for the people who conceived the idea of inventing you. And most importantly, for their Creator who happens to be my own Creator. Indeed, a creature – such as you – points to the ultimate Creator. You were excellently and fearfully made. This reality was obvious in your features. And this isn’t a flatter. Trust me, it isn’t.

Your features and functionalities enabled me connect with friends, family and the world. It helps me keep tab on time and also capture memories of happening around me. It helps me take notes of things and serves as a planner for my day. You became my store and the custodian of most of my document. You became the anchor for my devotional book and the place where I get to read God’s word. You also became my music player and music album. A click on you gives me access to whole lots of libraries and books. Aren’t you just amazing?!

There was no need for me to go to post office to send or receive letter. No need to go to bank and pay money. No need to go to the super market to buy things. Not at all. I simply click and everything was done. You are indeed “wow” and the dream of every person.

But Dear PHONE, I have a case against you. You have stepped your boundary. Yes, despite how amazing you have been, there are certain things about you that need to be addressed. Since you came to my life, I have realized that you are gradually taking over my soul and everything around me. My life now seems to revolve around you.

You have so taken control of me that I wake every morning and the first thing I do is to look for you. It started with checking time, reading the Bible and devotionals and in the midst of it I find myself on social media. And my most precious time- my life leading to impact on my soul. I know you are happy that you could be given such priority, but that doesn’t make it right.

My mornings were refreshing times with God. It was time I connect with Him. Read my Bible and get directions for the day but your features and functionality seem to cloud my mind and deprive me of this unique moment of fellowship and empowerment.

I used to enjoy the company of my friends and loved one as we interact and share life together, but your presence has made me not to give attention to them as expected. A beep from you often takes my attention away in the midst of precious time with my dear wife and children. I believe that even you would agree with me that this needs to be urgently addressed.

You see! Back in the days, it was easy for me to add figures together and get an answer. But now, you have made me so dependent on you that I find it difficult to do a simple arithmetic. Spelling words and engaging my brain to recall things was worthwhile but since you came with google features you have change the story. Google now seem to be the answer to every question.

Dear Phone, to be honest, you are killing my soul. You are a good servant but a bad master. And it is time we set the record straight. You need to be the servant that you were created to be. I have given you enough opportunity, more than you deserve. It is time to get my soul back in order and you in the place that you belong.

Today Dear Phone, I am taking my destiny in my hands and I am committed to letting you be the tool that you are and not the master of my soul. I am reconnecting back to God my Maker to enable me use you well.

I have realized my mistakes. Yes! I let you lead the way instead my soul leading the way. I gave you the driving seat instead of letting God’s Spirit take the driving seat. It was my fault. I now know that you are not invincible. You are but a tool in my hands expected to help me build my soul. It is time to stay where you belong.

Meanwhile, this doesn’t make you my enemy. Not at all. It is just to remind you that despite how beautiful and unique you may be, some things are still to be prioritized over you.

And it is your responsibility to admit that. We will still be friends, of course. You will still help me solve those difficult tasks. You will still help me connect with family and friends.

And, of course, you will still give me access to great and mind-transforming books. Like the first day I removed you from that pack, I honestly still love you. And I will continue to.

Thank for taking redress.


Hankuri Tawus Gaya





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