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…don’t let me be at the mercy of the ungodly


Dear Present Me,

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How are you doing today? How is studies on campus? I learn that things are bad today. The killing in Nigeria, Africa and around the world are indeed bad and painful. Sorry that your heart is wounded.

I learnt also that some students were released recently from captivity and some students of Green Field University are still in captivity.

I write to say thank you for holding on. I write to say thank you for choosing to be a born again Christian and stepping out on the right path to please God; the one who created you.

But I also write to appeal to you not to waste the moment and the opportunity you have to enable me be the best of the person we are created to be. Remember I am trapped inside you. Whatever you do today will become me tomorrow. Your inactions and indecision will all affect me.

I know you are aware that things are changing in the world. I know you are aware that most graduates of universities and colleges hardly get a job. And even those who get, it often something below what they were trained for. But on the hands many young people who have acquired the right skills are getting job and opening both in Nigeria and around the world. In fact some of them work round the clock with several jobs waiting for them simply because they got the right skills yesterday.

Dear present me, please don’t let me go this way. Don’t let me be a first class graduates, tongue speaking without a skill. Don’t let me be a Christian who is not providing solution to the world. Don’t let me be a child who will continue to depend on parents even after graduation. Don’t let me be at the mercy of the ungodly in the world.

You are reading this post from me because you have possibly heard about the Keffi Digital Skills BootCamp taking place this week 28th- 30th May 2021 at Nasarawa State University.

Yes, I know you have enough reasons not to be at this event but me trapped in you at the present, is appealing to you to do all you can to attend this Digital Skills BootCamp. Endure the pain today, so you will watch me become better tomorrow. Endure the pain today so you will watch me transform the world tomorrow.

Please bury that ego and take the steps to get the needed resources to enable you be in the forth coming training. And if you cannot then reach out to the team planning and invest in shaping one person. It is better you feel ashamed today than to watch me shamefully tomorrow.

In all, know that I believe in you and what you are capable of doing. I believe in the grace you carry and your ability to make the most of every opportunity.

Your past will only remind you of what you are not able to do. But the voice of the future share with you what you can do and who you can become.

Yours faithfully

The Future You

25th May 2021

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