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.. . key tips from Jesus Christ for living!

One of the common killers in the world today is depression. It kills the poor and rich; The believer and the unbeliever; Male and female; parent and children; strong and weak etc.

The fact is, You Will be depressed. But you don’t need to let it control you or take your life. There is way out to kill it like Jesus Christ did.

Reading through Mark 14:32-41 I came across how Jesus Christ handled depression.

 You see, he knew ahead of time that one of his disciples was going to betray him. He warned the betrayer, yet he did not hear.

 Imagine being betrayed by someone whom you have invested much in and entrusted with responsibility in ministry?

 It pains and saps. Imagine also facing the reality of what you were born to do. A point where even your father was going to back down and your close friends will all leave you and you knew all these facts but much more the purpose.

It was a tough moment for Jesus Christ, yet he killed the depression and faced his life mission providing me and you tip for victory over depression. Let me share with you what I learned it may help you too.

Here we go:

 👉 ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE depressed: Jesus did not present about the reality of depression. He told his disciples I am deeply troubled or distress. Don’t hide your depression. Acknowledge that you are depressed.

 👉 SHARE WITH CLOSE FRIENDS: One key role of friend is to listen to your pains. Jesus had close friends who were his disciples. He picked three of them and shared his pains with them. Get some people to share your pains with. Don’t keep quiet. Share the pains and get healing to face your purpose.

 👉 PRAY TO GOD CONCERNING YOUR TROUBLE: Prayer is great weapon in fighting depression. God may not remove it because you prayed but he will give you grace to pull through. Talk to God and be real like Jesus Christ did.

👉 DON’T EXPECT MUCH FROM FRIENDS: Yes! Friends may listen to you, but they have a limit to which they can go. Don’t expect much from them. You need to take personal responsibility for your life and face it with God like Jesus did.

👉 SUBMIT TO GOD’S WILL: God can do all things, but God cannot do everything you ask. He is committed to his will. He will only do his will in your life. So, as you pray when depressed ask God to let his will come to pass and not your will.  Depression may sometimes be God’s will to connect you with your purpose or prepare you for the time ahead. Learn from Jesus Christ.

 👉 ACCEPT GOD’S WILL: Arise and move towards your life purpose. Jesus did this. He faced God’s purpose for his life when the betrayer came. He told his friend it time to face life and. No more time to sleep or give excuse.

Beloved, never let depression take you away from the Lord and his purposes. Get help from God, God’s people and much more from his purpose for your life. Take responsibility for life and face it.

💡 Jesus Christ killed depression by facing. Denying depression will let it have victory over you.

💡 Jesus Christ killed depression by choosing to stay in God’s will.

💡God’s will is the safest place to be in times of depression.

 Being depressed doesn’t change your identity and purpose in God’s eyes but gives you an opportunity to live in the reality of who you are and why you are here. Be like Jesus Christ.

Don’t be alone. Be in his will and remain with God.

If you have no one to share your pain and depression journey I will be glad to listen to you. Whatever you please don’t be silent. Speak to someone!

I celebrate you today and always.

 Hankuri Tawus Gaya




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