About Me


 I AM A CHRISTIAN: A passionate follower of Jesus Christ living daily to become like Jesus Christ and help just one soul do the same. I believe the Bible God’s inspired word and the final authority on issues of life and conduct. I seek daily to live my life in conformity to the provision of the scripture with a daily goal of becoming like Jesus Christ.

I AM A MENTOR AND A COACH: As a Certified Professional Coach and Mentor with over 12 years of experience in working with young people, I passionate about coming alongside them to enable them to become God’s dream persons and together make the world God’s dream place. I am also committed to training others to mentor young people.

I AM A CAMPUS MISSIONARY:  As a Campus Missionary, I presently serve the Lord with Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) a member movement of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). I am involved in reaching out to students with the wholistic gospel of Christ; discipleship;  leadership development and mentoring; missions; networking and resource mobilization and development with the aim of building a movement of Christlike students on campus and society. I am passionate about challenging just one student to know Jesus Christ, become like him, and make him known anywhere, anytime, and under any condition.

I AM A DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIST: My as a Professional Strategist who served as a Strategic Plan officer and involved in developing life and Strategic plans for individuals and Organizations I find joy in seeing that people live with a clear sense of direction.  As a development Strategist, I am also involved in developing curriculum and training contents that help organizations and teams achieve their desired mission and vision.

 I AM A WRITER AND AUTHOR: Writing is one of the channels through which I express my life purpose and calling and seek to solve problems in the world. I started writing intentionally in 1999 as an undergraduate. I have written several articles and over 300 ministry updates and devotional notes on topical issues and over 7 books of the Bible. As an author, I have published 21 books and coauthored Influence: Leading without Position with Phil Morison published by oasis International. In addition to writing, I have trained and mentored several young people in the area of writing.

 I AM AN EDITOR: Structural editing is my area of strength. My creative and innovative mind is what has given me an edge in this area of editing.

 I AM A MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST: Because of my concern for the emotional stability of every individual, I am a certified Trauma Healing Facilitator with Trauma Healing Institute. I also run online and physical sessions with traumatized persons especially young people facing mental health challenges.

 I AM A SINGER AND SONGWRITER: Music has always been a fascination for me. I have written – and still writes songs. I have recorded and produced some tracks and released them as singles. I have also facilitated the production of an entire musical album, which featured several young people. I see music as one of the channels for expressing my life purpose on earth as I reach out to young people.

 I AM A HUSBAND AND A FATHER:  Glad to be a loving husband a beautiful lady, Faith Butmak Hankuri Tawus Gaya, and a father to three adorable and gifted girls – God’s Gift- Vinawar, God’s Peace- Shisa, and God’s Joy- Khaala. Our passion as a family is to challenge Just One Soul to know Christ, become like Him, and make Him known.


 I am a Student Minister. I shape students on campus through one to one discipleship and mentorship, training, Bible Studies and prayer meeting, exposure, modeling, large group meetings, conferences, leadership training, provision of godly literature, and so on with the aim of helping them become who they are created to be, transform the campus and society upon graduation with godly values. I keep investing in Just One Student. Pray for me.

 I am a Student Minister. My audience is transient and as a result, I don’t sometimes see the fruits of God’s work through my life in theirs on campus. I also keep on meeting new ones and opportunities that coming inform of problems. I keep on investing in them Pray for me.

 I am a Student Minister. My audiences are inexperienced but can be inspired to become great people, lead great causes that will transform their campus and society for the glory of God. I keep investing in Just One Student Join me to do this great work.

 I am a Student Minister. I don’t teach science or art courses but I teach scriptures and through it transform just one student to be godly and transform his campus and their world. keep investing in Just One Student.  Pray for me.

 I am a Student Minister. I reach out to just one student to give the person an opportunity to say yes to Jesus Christ, become like him and make him known on campus. I keep investing in Just One Student join me do this great work.

 I am a Student Minister. The campus is my mission field and the students are the nations God has called me to reach. But sometimes I am not seen as a missionary or someone called to reach out to the nations. Some mission circles never believe I am doing missions but the campus bring different nations together and reaching them is reaching the nations where the come from. In fact, I don’t just reach the nations on campus alone but prepare students and challenge them to answer the call to go reach the nation of the world and today many of my product are missionaries in cities and jungles of the world. I keep investing in just one student.  Pray for me

 I am a Student Minister. Sometimes Churches don’t even recognize my effort or play their own part of the partnership in shaping just one student. In fact, sometimes some of them see me as a competitor not knowing that I complement their work as I play my role on campus in shaping just one more student. I keep investing in Just One Student.  Let’s do it together.

 I am a Student Minister. Sometimes the unhealthy competition between me and my colleagues and between my organization and other student ministries brings discouragement and challenges to my work.  I keep investing in Just One Student. Pray for Us.

 I am a Student Minister. I am not in government but many of my product are making a difference in every facet of government operation. I keep investing in Just One Student. let’s change society together.

I am a Student Minister. Sometimes I go without funds for months but I remain passionate about shaping just one more student because I know what God can do through just one more student. I keep investing in Just One Student. Invest in this great work.

 I am a Student Minister. My audiences are not rich but they are available to be enriched with ideas that can transform their lives and society for the glory of God. My audience are also young but energetic, dynamic, available, sendable and recruitable. I am sure with them our nation has a future. I keep investing in Just One Student.  we can do this together

 I am a Student Minister. My audience come from different background with varied opportunities and challenges and this makes my work complex and unique but creates opportunities for complex impact in society. I keep investing in Just One Student.  You have a role to play.

 I am a Student Minister. My parents and family members often don’t understand the nature of my work when I say I am into ministry. They often ask me when will you start ‘real’ work? What really do you people do in this your place of work? I always trust God for grace to explain and sometimes keep on praying for them and for those who understand I invite them to join hands with me in shaping just one student on campus. I keep on investing in Just One Student. Pray for me.

 I am a Student Minister. I am not sometimes appreciated by the students I work day and night to shape or by those nearer to them and sometimes society but one thing I know is the one who called me is faithful and he remains my number one audience. I keep investing in Just One Student. Pray for me.

 I am a Student Minister.  The burden of the task sometimes overwhelms me and I feel like quitting and running away but am always reminded to remember who called me and why I started in the first place. I keep investing in Just One Student. Pray for me

 I am a Student Minister. Sometimes school authority frustrates my effort in shaping students to enable them to be ready for graduation so they can say ‘they are found worthy in character and learning ‘. Yet I don’t give up.  I keep investing in Just One Student. Pray for me.

 I am a Student Minister. Partners who give towards the work sometimes forget that they are coworkers with God in shaping Just One student through my work and will want me to keep looking up to them instead of God. I only look up to God who called me to give them understanding. I keep investing in Just One Student. I appreciate You.

 I am a Student Minister. Society goes the direction of the campus. As the student goes, so goes society. If we win the battle for transformation on campus, we would have won’t the battle in society today and tomorrow. If we transform the campus today we are sure to transform society tomorrow.  If we raise leaders on campus today, we are raising leaders for society tomorrow. If we also fail to do any of these, we are sure to pay the price today and tomorrow.  I will keep on shaping just one Student on campus. I will keep on I keep investing in Just One Student. we can do this together.

 I am a Student Minister. I have answered the call. I will not keep nor give up. No regret. I will keep pressing on, forgetting the past, depending on God daily who called me to the work.  I am not saying that the college campus is special in and of itself just that our hearts are there. Our roots are there. Our calling is there. And our desire, like you, is to see God’s name magnified in this student generation. I keep investing in Just One Student. 

Yes! I may not be known or recognize in society but together with God and coworkers like you I daily raise kingdom generals, transformers, fathers, mothers, missionaries, scientists, Professors, educationalists, politicians, pastors etc. I invest in Just One Student. We can do more. I am praying for you.

Hankuri Tawus Gaya