Hankuri Tawus Gaya


Ministry are channels or platforms God has provided to serve as for expressing God’s gift in me. They are channel through which I serve the Lord as I live in this world.

My goal in ministry is to give my best and to be the best in my area of calling thus becoming the best me that God can ever have in ministry. Living out the values we believe in our family-being ambassadors of Jesus Christ and our family.

Here is different ministry channel I am involved in.



These is our ministry platform to students. I presently serve the Lord as a Staff worker in Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) and my pursuit as I work in NIFES is to challenge just one student to know the Lord, be with and become like the Lord and to make the Lord known anywhere, anytime and under any condition.

I am involved in

  • Discipling Students
  • Mentoring Students
  • Leadership development
  • Resource Development for Student Ministry.
  • Networking with other Student workers
  • Resource Mobilizations
  • Innovations and creativity development
  • Conferences etc:




I live daily to reach out to just one soul in the world through the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This I do through my writing, teaching, training, mentoring, researching either through my work in NIFES, Church or any other platform that the Lord will provide.

The recent area of engagement in this regard was God giving me an opportunity to lead a strategic Outreach called JOSCare…a NIFES Social response initiative where we provided wholistic care to victims of crisis living in internally displaced person’s camps on the Plateau.

We are also involved in:

  • Reaching out to communities
  • Mobilizing the body of Christ for global missions
  • Leadership development
  • Pastoral Training through Langham Nigeria and lots more




I am also involved in reaching out to Youth in my Church and other platforms. I do this under the platform JOY- Just One Youth. We seek to help just one youth become the best of who God has created them to be and to live a life of meaning in the world in which they live and shine forth God’s light in the society.

We are involved in:

  • Leadership Trainings for youth leaders
  • Potential development
  • Career Planning
  • Mentoring
  • Indigenous Leadership Development
  • entrepreneurship




Me and my Wife of ten years now have strong believe that the family is very strategic to advancing God’s kingdom and making the world a better place. One way we showcase this believe is my living our lives daily as a growing couple according to the scriptures and helping just one other family do the same.

We are committed to providing Post Marital Counselling for newly married couples to enable them navigate the waters of their new family life.

We are part of a team who pioneered Couples Chat Forum in our Church where couples meet every month to discuss how to become daily the couple that God has made them to be and raise godly children that will transform society.

In summary we are:

  • Mentoring young couples
  • Networking
  • Pre-Marital and post Marital counselling
  • Couples Chat Forums and lots more
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