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Just One Student (JOS) who loves the Lord with the whole of his heart, in every campus and I will give you a world where Jesus is enthroned as Lord. Just one student who has chosen to yield himself to a life of abandoned devotion in prayers and I will give you a world filled with the fear of God; Just One Student who believe in the power of God’s Word to transform and I will give you a world turned into the kingdom of our God; Just One Student truly filled with the Holy Spirit and I will give you a campus set ablaze for God; Just One Student who has discovered his purpose and is living it out on the campus and I will give you a campus where Jesus is seen everywhere. With a single righteous student on our campus the Lord is able to conquer the whole world and make it the kingdom of our God.- Extract form the Kingdom Driven Student, by  Hankuri Tawus Gaya


The JOS Book Series are books written to challenge Just One Student to be like Jesus Christ and influence other to be Like Jesus Christ. It’s a book series written with Just One Student in mind. It’s a book series focus on one student. Our passion is to provide Just One Student with the needed resources to enable such live for Jesus Christ anytime, anywhere and under any condition.


The JOS Book series also seeks to move Just One Student from being a nominal student to being a committed disciple of Jesus Christ on campus and beyond.  It is a passion with a vision for a transformed world and a focus on Just One Student; it is a dream for a transformed Church that is living up her purpose through a deliberate focus on changing Just One Student on campus today. Yes, it is a dream for change tomorrow through a change today. It is a dream, a passion, an addiction, a drive, a movement to see that Just One Student becomes more like Jesus Christ. We see a transformed world through a transformed student. We see a change nation through a change student. We see a change world through a change student.


I saw tomorrow marching by on little children’s feet, and in their forms and faces rode Her prophecy complete. I saw tomorrow looking at me through Little children’s eyes, and I thought how carefully we would Teach if only we were wise Anonymous

Here is future. You are critical in this project. Thanks for joining us make this dream a reality.


Books Published Under the JOS BOOK Series are:

  • Sure, way to Success and Campus business opportunities 2005
  • The Purpose Driven Corper, 2007
  • The Light Bearers 2009
  • Living Like Jesus Christ on Campus 2013
  • The Kingdom Driven Student 2011
  • Move Forward 2013
  • Passion to be you 2013


And the most recent ones published to mark my 40th Birthday are:

  • YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR CAMPUS……discover how to think, live and lead creative change on campus
  • PERSECUTION TO PROMOTING CHRIST-LIKENESS- my journey to pursuing just one student
  • BUILDING CHRISTIN LEADERS ON CAMPUS… a collective responsibility
  • YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD. … a Hand book to help you quit Addiction, break bad habits and Become God’s dream Person
  • PASSAGE TO PRACTICE…a practical guide for studying and applying the Bible relevantly
  • PRAYING THE BIBLE WAY…Reflections on Christ Centred Prayers
  • FOLLOWERSHIP…a sure way to leadership.

All books available on Okadabook.com

All books available on Okadabook.com

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