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I am a missionary called by God to the campus world. I am called to the lost students on campuses around the world starting from Nigeria.

I am called to reach the poor, rich, weak, strong, intelligent and all manner of students in the campus and all who are engaged in building them too.

Yes! The campus is my mission field. A strategic mission field I must say. This is because, nations give of their best to the campus and the campus give back to the nations what they have made of the students after their time on the campus. My calling then is to help them know Jesus Christ and make Him known amongst students and their nations. Nothing will enable them as this- knowing Jesus and living for Him.

Students are the nations God has called me to reach and disciple. My mandate is to make disciple of every student, beginning with one student at a time. For every student on campus represents a nation, which makes me more intentional.

The goal of His call for my life is to see nations on campus worship Him. It is to see Christlikeness permeate all through the strata of the campus today and society tomorrow. And I am committed to doing just that as He gives the grace.

I am not ashamed of who I am and what I have been called to do. Yes, sometimes I may not be seen as a missionary because of my place of calling. But I know who I am and the burden I bear. Even more, I know the One who has called me.

Today, I celebrate all missionaries and God’s children called to reach different parts of the world. I celebrate those called to reach the lost tribes in the jungles. I celebrate those called to reach the poor and needy in urban and rural communities. I celebrate those called to the marketplace and in politics. I celebrate us all.

But as I celebrate you all I also reaffirm my calling as a Campus Missionary and my commitment to the vision of reaching and discipling just one student to know Jesus Christ, become like Him and make Him known anywhere, anytime and under any condition.

Also, I appreciate you who has been a friend and partner in reaching the campus world until this generation of students and the one to come worship the living God.

Know this then, that our strength is in accepting and being who God has created and called us to be… And that’s exactly where mine comes from!

So, who are you?

I will be glad to hear your response!

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Hankuri Tawus Gaya




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