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…voices from the Internally Displaced Persons Camps!


The truly one who cares still thinks of the person in need even when they are no longer the headlines of the major newspapers.

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You are one person who has shown great interest and concern over just one soul in the internally displaced person’s camps. You have shown this in your prayers, visitations, sending clothes, donation of funds, advocacy and many more ways. Thank you.


I was at the Internally Displaced Person’s Camp on Christmas day and will like to share with you voices from the camp appealing for sustained prayers and support.


I am Mother of 4 children. I lost my husband in the crisis. Thank you for the love and care you have shown to us. But I am still traumatized. Sometimes I look forward to seeing my husband and other times sleep disappears from my eyes. I believe in what God is doing but I need your prayers. Please pray for me and other women in the displaced person’s camp for God’s healing and comfort.


I am now a widower. I lost my wife, house and farm land to the crisis. I am now a squatter with no house to call my own and as a man this is not easy for me. Please pray for me. I believe God that one day we will go back to our ancestral land. Please pray for me and other men in the displaced person’s camp for God’s healing.


I was in school but now I can no longer go back to my School. Yes I am admitted in a nearby school but my fees need to be paid. I often think about the way we escaped from my village and the memories keep coming. Please pray for me and many other children in the displaced person’s camp.


I started tailoring work in 1995. I have trained many young people in my community. It was my major source of income and what I use to sustain my family. But I lost everything during the crisis last year and the Christmas period was so traumatic for me because this was the time we had a lot of business. I thank God for life. Please pray for me and many other artisans who lost their means of livelihood to experience God’s help.


Nothings pains a leader like seeing your people in need but you can’t help. I am a community leader. I value my people. But now here we are without houses and many things of our own. We depend on God through his people for many things. Please pray for me and other leaders displaced and leading displaced persons.


The rains will soon be here. Dry season farming is ongoing. By this time we were either harvesting from our farm or expecting the harvest.  See me here in the internally displaced person’s camp. No farm. No harvest. This is not easy for me. The painful thing is that those who attacked us are now farming on our farm after carting away all the farm produce we had at the time of the crisis. It is tough. Please pray for me and several other farmers displaced with no farm at the moment.


What can I say about the children who are now orphans living in the internally displaced person’s camp? What about the ones who are the only survivors in their families? What about the ones who lost Dad, Mum and siblings on the same night? What about the ones whose houses were not only burnt but pull down completely? What about the ones who knew the people that attacked them?


Its true they are no longer in the news but they are still at the centre of God’s heart and a project for the believers to provide care for them in this critical time of need.


Today by 11:00am together with Students we will be visiting two camps to present clothes and other items gathered through the generosity of kind-hearted people like you.


This is a Just One Soul Care (JOSCARE) a NIFES Social response Initiative, providing wholistic care to crisis victim.  To give for this project kindly send support to NIFES 0040627084 Diamond. We also need clothes, food items, school fees support, seed capital etc.



Hankuri Tawus Gaya

Area Director, NIFES




30th January, 2019

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