Hankuri Tawus Gaya


…lamentations of a Nigerian Student

Almighty God, my strength, my rock, and help. How long will you forget me? How long will you continue to ignore my plea? How long will it take before you hearken to the prayers of a Nigerian student?

Lord last year you took away my father amid the pandemic. He was my friend and strength. He was my guide and role model; yet you took him away. We prayed and fasted for his healing? We trusted you to do what I have read in the Bible about your power to heal, yet he died.

As if that was not enough for you and for me to bear; you let the state Government forcefully retired my mother who has been teaching for many years. Why God? Why will you allow all these to happen to me within one year? Do you really care about me and how I feel like your child and someone who speaks of you?

Again, Lord some months ago you let bandits into the campus, and they abducted students like me both in the public schools and private university. Not only that what about the 150 secondary school children that were also abducted? It was painful to hear the killing of some of them because their parents could not afford to pay the ransom. 

Lord you know I was set to graduate in late 2020 after 5 years doing a 4-year course. The pandemic has made me spend one more year and now the threat by academic staff to go on indefinite strike action. Lord why all these many troubles despite my faith and trust in you? Why can’t you change these stories oh Lord and show me mercy?

Dear Lord, sometimes I am afraid of the future as I see the happening around me today. Imagine what will happen to my own children with the level wickedness we see both online and offline today? What will happen to with the ongoing destruction of farms lands and farmers not allowed to go to farm? What will happen to our communities with the killings and destruction of properties that happen daily and with no one from the leadership of our nation?

How long Lord will the pain continue? How long Lord will bad leadership continues in the Church and society? How long Lord will false teaching continue to thrive in our Churches? When Lord will the Church be the light and salt you said we are?

How long Lord will poverty continue to limit the potential of your children? How long Lord will it take for justice to serve all the wicked who have continued to kill and destroy farmlands in my community?

Lord, I am angry with you. I am pained by your long silence. I sometimes think you are powerless or have decided to just leave me and my nation alone. But I know you are not. I know you remain the powerful and the God who controls the affairs of the world. I know that all things work together for good to those who love you and are called according to you purpose.

In my pain and dilemma, I will continue to trust you. Amid my many questions I rest in you as the only answer. I know the pain and suffering is real, but you are more real. Help me Lord. Your love is unfailing, and your ways and wisdom are pass finding.

You remain my strength and help Lord as long as I live. Please do not forget me!

From Reflections of a Campus Missionary in Northern Nigeria

Hankuri Tawus Gaya




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