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The day an answer start seeking for answer then there is a big problem.

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It is no longer news Twitter has been suspended by the Nigerian Government. God has called home two leading Church leaders in the last two week. The killings by bandits are still going on. IDPs number keep on increasing daily. Boko Haram and ISWAP still lay sway to some parts of our nation. Naira has continued to fall. Many persons are losing their jobs daily and there seems to be no end in sight.

A whopping 180 million naira from wounded and needy parents went to bandits to get the 16 Green Field University Students out of captivity. I read yesterday that one of the children of Islamiya School that were abducted died in captivity. Policemen and other officers who signed up to serve and protect the nation are also not spared from the killing. It was also on the news how cultists are now on rampage in many campuses with killings of students and the story goes on. In all these numbers is the growing number of widows, widowers and orphans.

In this rainy season the farmer is afraid of going to the farm to work and the ones that can go lack the needed resources to farm. So even the land in Nigeria feels abandoned by the farmer. The sight of rain brings pain to the heart of the farmer. The teachers in the school are afraid of going to work because they are not sure whether their school will be the next target of abduction. In some states, schools have been closed down for weeks to ensure the safety of the children and yet time wait for no one.

As if that is not enough many people including young people are leaving the country to an extent that the Federal Government has to start taking steps to see that they are encouraged to stay in the country.

Yes! Nigeria is at a critical point. Things are not working as expected. Pain and suffering are in the air. Not only the family in the village finds it very difficult to get what to eat but also the one in the city are struggling about what to eat daily. We are all in the mess.

Amid all these realities the question you hear daily both in words and action is “what is wrong with Nigeria?” why all these challenges and troubles despite the great resources that God has blessed Nigeria with?

My answer to this dilemma and question seeking an answer is Nigerian are wrong with Nigeria. I am wrong with Nigeria. You are wrong with Nigeria, We are wrong with Nigeria. Leadership is wrong with Nigeria. Followership is wrong with Nigeria. And until we take responsibility to fix who we are the circle of pain and shame will continue.

Today I call on you to stop the blame game. I appeal that you stop the pointing of fingers. It is time to take responsibility to be the light and the salt that God has created you to be. You are God’s answer to the chaos in Nigeria.

You are God’s light to the darkness in Nigeria. You are the needed salt to heal the decay in Nigeria.

Nigeria today offers the Church a kairos moment. A moment of opportunity for us to stand and be the light and salt of the earth. It is time to arise and be the Church that God desires us to be and the answer the nation is asking for.

You have no right. I have no right to ask what is wrong with Nigeria or the world if you have not fix what is wrong with you and taking responsibility to change the world.

God has shown us the way to go. When the earth He created became void and formless God did not run away. He took an intentional step to address the problem. He spoke. He created. He brought light to the scene by creating out of nothing and in six days everything has taken shape.

It is time we take responsibility to be Church that we are created to be!

May it not be said that the Light and Salt of the earth is looking for answers somewhere!


Hankuri Tawus Gaya




7th June 2021

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