Hankuri Tawus Gaya


One spark can ignite a fire. One student can change a generation.

Dear friend and Partner,

Remember your days on campus? How God visited you through a ministry? How you reached out to other students on campus?  What about the late-night reading and talks in the hostel with friends, the passionate talks and prayers, the friendships forged in your days on campus?

Those formative years where hearts and minds were open, searching for meaning and purpose? Serving the Lord with all and seeking to make a difference.

Do you still remember that student leader that helped? The lecturer that lighted your heart and gave you hope in your chosen profession? The Campus ministry that God used to share your life while on campus? The Campus missionary that God used to disciple you? The conferences you attended and God used it to share your life on campus?

That’s where Campus Missions and Leadership Initiative (CMLI) comes in. We work to empower Campus influencers like the one who shaped you and the ones who did not shape this generation of Students on campus.

For years, you’ve been with me on this incredible journey of reaching just one student on campus. Your prayers have fueled my steps, and your support has been the wind beneath my wings.

We’ve witnessed lives transformed, students who were once lost finding their way to Christ, and leaders emerging to change the world. But the work is far from over.

Now, I invite you again to consider investing in Campus Mission and Leadership Initiative (CMLI). Your gift of N1k, N3k, N5k, N10k, or more you give is a seed sown in fertile ground. It fuels the fire of student evangelism, equips young leaders, and creates ripple effects that touch generations.


Imagine the impact of reaching just one student on campus. One life touched by the love of Christ can become a beacon, drawing others in. One student empowered to lead can change the course of a school, a community, or a nation. Your investment has that power.

Investing is easy: Send your gift to 0871228540 Campus Missions and Leadership Initiative (CMLI); GT Bank.

Together, let’s write the next chapter of campus missions,

shaping a generation of leaders who will change the world, one life, one student at a time.

Invest in Campus Missions.

Invest in the future.

Hankuri Tawus Gaya

CMLI Team Lead




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