Hankuri Tawus Gaya


The campus mission field is not a faraway land; it’s right under our noses, teeming with potential. Let’s stop overlooking it, let’s stop underestimating it.

Imagine a land teeming with young minds, open to exploration, searching for meaning and purpose. A place where diverse cultures collide, social movements take root, and the future itself is being shaped. This isn’t a distant jungle or a forgotten village; it’s the energetic heart of every college campus.

Yet, how often do we, the faith-driven, see these vibrant communities as fertile mission fields? All too often, campuses are viewed as secular battlegrounds, places where faith is lost, not found. But what if we reframed the narrative?

Consider this:

  • A melting pot of souls: Campuses are microcosms of the world, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. This provides a unique opportunity to share the message of love, hope, and community across cultural barriers.
  • Minds on the brink of transformation: Young people on campus are at a pivotal point in their lives, questioning everything they’ve been taught and searching for their place in the world. This is the perfect time to offer them a guiding light, a spiritual compass to navigate the complexities of life.
  • Agents of change: College students are not just passive recipients of information; they are active agents of change. Engaging them in meaningful discussions about faith, justice, and compassion can empower them to become positive forces in the world.

So, the question remains: why do we neglect this fertile ground? Why do we allow these vibrant communities to be untouched by the transformative power of faith?

It’s time to reclaim the campus as a mission field. It’s time to:

  • Challenge the narrative: Stop seeing campuses as hostile environments and start seeing them as fertile ground for spiritual growth.
  • Invest in campus ministries: Provide resources, support, and training for those working with students on the ground.
  • Engage in authentic dialogue: Create spaces for open and honest conversations about faith, doubt, and everything in between.
  • Empower student leaders: Equip and encourage young people to take ownership of their faith and share it with their peers.

The campus is not a lost cause; it’s a waiting opportunity. Let’s open our eyes, open our hearts, and open the doors of possibility for a generation yearning for meaning.

Let’s reclaim the campus, not as a battlefield, but as a fertile ground for faith, hope, and transformation.

Share this message. Challenge your friends.

Let’s awaken again the passion to reach and disciple the campus

Pastor Hankuri Tawus Gaya





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