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…My Wife Faith’s Prayer on Her Birthday Today!

When God loves a man, He blesses him with a wife who knows God, understands her identity and purpose, and is ready to wholeheartedly support him in fulfilling God’s purpose.

Every 3rd January, I have the unique opportunity to celebrate my wife Faith Hankuri Gaya’s Birthday.

Today at our time of prayer and reflection on God’s faithfulness over her life, and listening to her desires for the year, this morning she said, “I desire all-around growth and the opportunity to reach out and be a blessing to more people. I want to grow more and influence more people.”

Digging further into her passion for touching the lives of the elderly, in addition to working with me to reach young people, she desires to reach 500 elderly persons and empower 10% of them with seed capital that will enable them to start up something that will generate income to sustain them.

As someone dear to me and my family, I request that you join me in prayers to make her prayer and target for the year come to reality.

  • Pray for grace to grow deeper in her walk with Christ and be more committed to serving God’s purpose in her day.
  • She is presently pursuing further studies with ABU Zaria. Please pray for grace for her as she balances family, work, and studies.
  • Pray for God to raise partners for her as she desires to reach out to 500 elderly people through medical outreach and empower at least 50 of them with capital to start up a small business. You can reach out to me or her at 08065607788 if you desire to be part of this.

May I specially request that if you are opportune today to call, text, and chat to pray with her for all the support she is giving me in ministry.

To mark the Birthday and have her share her vision we hosting a Birthday Hangout in Jos today by 12 Noon at the Alliance Franciase De Jos Opposite Standard Building, West of Mines Jos, Plateau State. You are invited to join us.

Once again, thank you for being a great blessing and support to me and my family.

Pastor Hankuri Tawus Gaya

 #CMLi Team Lead




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