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NOTES TO A WOUNDED FATHER ...reflections of a fellow in Scar! Dear Wounded Father,   A look at our past dreams and dreams of the future will enable us make the most of today. It's Father's Day. Possibly no one would have called or told you happy Father's Day. Possibly the needs and challenges of the moment are overwhelming.   I share with you as a wounded father who has experienced healing and on the path of healing. Hello from the past where you had dreams, hope, and aspirations of li[...]
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WHAT IS WRONG WITH NIGERIA? …a simple answer that matter!   The day an answer start seeking for answer then there is a big problem. It is no longer news Twitter has been suspended by the Nigerian Government. God has called home two leading Church leaders in the last two week. The killings by bandits are still going on. IDPs number keep on increasing daily. Boko Haram and ISWAP still lay sway to some parts of our nation. Naira has continued to fall. Many persons are losing their jobs daily and there see[...]
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A CRY FROM THE FUTURE YOU …don’t let me be at the mercy of the ungodly   Dear Present Me, How are you doing today? How is studies on campus? I learn that things are bad today. The killing in Nigeria, Africa and around the world are indeed bad and painful. Sorry that your heart is wounded. I learnt also that some students were released recently from captivity and some students of Green Field University are still in captivity. I write to say thank you for holding on. I write to say thank you for[...]
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LETTER FROM AN UNBORN CHILD …don’t leave me at the mercy of the ungodly!   A voice from the future is a voice of opportunity. It points you to things you can do today to make tomorrow better. Here is a letter from the womb for you:   Dear Christian, Greetings from the future. I am a Baby in the womb. I am just two month old in my mother’s womb. I am fully alive and growing. I will be in the world in the next seven months. It means I will be 15 years old in 2036 and possibly be in my fi[...]
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I AM BOOK … I lead without Position I am book. I am written by human authors with ideas from God. Printed by publishing houses and sold through the tireless effort of book promoters and sellers. I come in different formats but contain the same message treasure of a lifetime. Read me and be great.   I am book. I am made by humans and I make humans great. I am an answer and a solution to the problems in the world. I am an antidote to Africa’s mental, physical, spiritual, and financial poverty. Read me[...]
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TELLING THE STORY OF WOMEN AT GOLGOTHA AND BEYOND …an urgent appeal to give voice to God’s work through Women If you have an opportunity to write about your Dad and Mum who Will you write about and why? On Good Friday I invited you to take a look at the strategic role storytellers placed in helping us know, experience, and appreciate what Jesus Christ went through to pay the full price for our redemption. Reflecting further I discovered that they indeed trod unpopular path in their day leaving with a heritage to[...]
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STORYTELLERS AT GOLGOTHA …an urgent call for Cross centered Writers   What makes an event great is not only that it happens but that it was documented and told to others. A generation without storytellers is a generation without a heritage for the future. Growing up in the village as a missionary child I learned in Sunday school that Jesus Christ was conceived and given birth to by a virgin. He lived and loved children. He healed the sick. He did several miracles including feeding many people through fishe[...]
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Dear Phone, Greetings from my soul to you. You are a product of my dream. Just as the dear pants for water in the desert, I longed for you and desired to have you in my life. Your arrival to my life was an answered prayer. I rejoiced like a young man celebrates the day he gets an answer to his marriage proposal from the girl of his dream; like a bride celebrates on the day of her wedding. I could remember how carefully I opened the package that contained you. The sight of you alone gave me a kind of joy I can’[...]


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...reflections and invitation to Pray on World Student Da Nothing weakens prayers like lack of understanding and nothing empowers one to pray like understanding. Like Jeremiah I have severally gotten to points of quitting this student matter but the burden God keeps on giving me won't let me. To let you in on the burden, I will be using the voice of a typical Christian student share with you the burden they carry that necessitate the need for you to pray for them as a partner with God. The next lines will be the[...]

MUSIC: ONE PASSION by Hankuri Tawus Gaya The Psalmist

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MUSIC: ONE PASSION by Hankuri Tawus Gaya The Psalmist. It is with joy in my heart that I share with you my new song showing my heart cry and a desire to be in God's presence and be like Him. Download and connect with this passion and longing for God. Thanks so much. Hankuri Tawus Gaya   Download Here